Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Poker is one of the most common types of poker, the most popular form of poker online. Texan play poker for a long time, which means Texas is the very place where the largest sums of money are circulating. In Texas poker, each player is dealt two cards, 5 community cards are gradually laid out on the table. These cards can be used by any player to collect the best combination. Thus, the player needs to collect the best 5-card combination from the 7 cards. From 2 to 10 people can play simultaneously at the same table in Texas poker.

The Combinations of Texas Poker

Royal Flush – the best combination of Hold’em. It consists of 5 cards of the same suit, from 10 to Ace. Remember that all suits in poker are equivalent, so if 2 or more players collect a royal flush (which is very unlikely), then they divide the pot between themselves.

Straight Flush – 5 consecutive cards of the same suit. If 2 or more players have collected Straight Flush, the one with the highest card wins. For example, Straight Flush to Queen hits Straight Flush to Jack.

Four of a Kind. This Texas Hold’em poker hand contains 4 cards of the same range and another one. If 2 or more players have a penalty, the player whose cards are older will win. If 2 or more players have equivalent four of a kind (which is possible in some types of poker), then the winner is determined by the 5th card. Thus, a player with four of a kind of 8 and 6 will win the player with 8 and 5.

Full House contains 2 cards of one range and a pair of cards of the other. The range of 3 cards determines the strength of the Full House. If players collect the same 3 cards, then the winner is determined by the range of the pair.

Flush – five cards of the same suit in any order. If several players have flush, the winner is determined by the highest card. If the players have the highest cards equal, the victory is determined by the value of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th cards, respectively.

Straight. This combination of Texas Hold’em contains 5 consecutive cards of different suits. The straight, consisting of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, would lose to our combination, and a straight, consisting of T, J, Q, K, A, would beat it. Also, it is worth noting that the Ace can be used as a low card for Straight A, 2, 3, 4, 5, and this combination would lose to Straight from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Set – 3 cards of the same range and 2 cards of any other range. Our example is three out of fives. 3*7 would have won this combination, and 3 out of 9 would have defeated 3*7, and so on. If players have collected the same set, then the winner determines the value of the highest unrelated card, or, if they are equal, the value of the second unrelated card.

Two Pairs. Two cards of the same range, two cards of another range and an additional card. The value of this combination is determined by the range of the cards included in it. If the high pair is the same for several players, then the value of the next pair is taken into account. For example, a pair of Aces and a pair of 6 would have broken the combination of a pair of Queens with a pair of 7. If several players have collected the same pair, then the value of the 5th card is taken into account.

Pair – two identical cards. The value of this combination is determined by the range of the cards included in it. For example, a pair of 10 beats the combination of a pair of 8. If the players have collected the same pair, then the winner is the one who has an older unrelated card. If the highest cards are equal, then the second card is taken into account, and, if necessary, the third one.

High card. The weakest option is the lack of a combination. In this case, the highest 5 cards out of 7 are chosen, and the range is determined by the highest card.

Texas Hold'em Poker

Basic Rules in Texas Hold’em:

  • Places. The button is constantly mixed on the poker table, which determines the dealer in the current hand. This button determines the positions of players at the table. In Texas poker, the position of the player is very important, depending on how far the button is from the player, his tactics of the game can vary significantly. Always pay attention to this. Players announce their decision clockwise order from the button, the two first players make 2 mandatory blind bets. These rates are known as blind.
  • Rates. In Texas poker, players usually start playing at minimum bets to assess their strengths and capabilities. Usually, players start playing at micro limits of $ 0.05- $ 0.10, gradually the bankroll will be built up. After that, it will be possible to raise the limits. Many players successfully play at the limits of $50- $100, and even more. Đ•here are two mandatory bets, this is done to ensure that the game was not boring and the players fought among themselves for money.
  • Preflop. The player to the left of the dealer is called a small blind, he is obliged to place half of the mandatory bet, the next player around the circle is known as a big blind, he is obliged to provide a full bet. Cards are dealt clockwise one at a time. Since blinds make mandatory bets, the first player to speak is the player to the left of the big blind. He can call the bet, then he will need to bet a big blind. He can raise the rate, the raise should be at least twice as large as the big blind.
  • Flop. After the first round of Texas poker, 3 community cards are dealt on the table. Bidding on the flop begins with the last remaining player after the pre-flop betting.
  • Turn. The fourth card is put on the table, bets are conducted in the same way as on the flop.
  • River. The last card is laid out, this is the final round of the trade.
  • Showdown. The player who collected the best combination takes the entire pot.