College Promise Campaign Celebrates Second Anniversary

The College Promise Campaign celebrates its second anniversary this week by remarking on the rapidly growing national movement for free community college programs in communities and states across the nation. “Just two years ago we launched a bold initiative to make a community college education as universal and free as high school was in the […]


One Family’s Free Community College Story

By Arturo & Yuliana Aguirre The Ventura College Promise was the first Promise program in California! It is a commitment to recent high school graduates that they will attend their first year at Ventura College free of tuition and fees. The Ventura College Promise has made a huge impact in people’s lives, particularly the Aguirre family. […]

James Schuelke traveled to Racine, WI, in 2016 to help launch Gateway Promise, which delivers a free technical college education. Photo by Gateway Technical College

How Free Community College Transforms Rural America

By James Schuelke, Director of Engagement & Advocacy  This post was previously posted on Forbes.com Rural America is the nation’s backbone. In every state, small towns like the one I called home in Idaho are strengthening our nation’s civic and economic fabric. But like too many Americans, hardworking folks from these communities are hurting. Jobs are […]