A Scholarship for Community College Students

Attention community college students! We get it. College is expensive. And scholarships are time-consuming. They take a lot of time to write- and you’re most likely busy enough with school and work. So unless you recently won the lottery, you’re probably stuck taking out loans. Well, we want to help you out! That’s why we […]

High school graduates in Ventura County receive one-year of free tuition at Ventura College.

Meet The Town That Inspired Free Community College In California

By Greg Gillespie, Chancellor of Ventura County Community College District, is a guest contributor for the College Promise Campaign This post was previously posted on Forbes.com The drive to make community college free is picking up speed here in California. Today, nearly 50 “College Promise” programs are delivering free tuition in every corner of the state. For thousands of […]


Five Minute Scholarship Could Earn You $2,000

Attention high school students! Listen, we get it. We understand you are busy with practice, homework, and having a life outside of school. But we also want you to start planning for your college education. College is expensive and, unless you recently hit the lottery, you might have to take out student loans to pay […]