Caribbean Poker: Rules and Strategy

Caribbean Poker_ Rules and Strategy

Caribbean Poker is a kind of poker which is common in modern casinos and implying playing a game against the dealer. The common name of the Caribbean poker is Oasis Poker.

Rules of the game

Players in Caribbean Poker must collect a stronger combination of cards than the dealer. The rules of Caribbean poker assume the player’s compulsory betting ante before the dealer distributes five cards. Only the last card out of all the cards dealt is opened – the one belonging to the dealer.

After analyzing the cards, the player decides to bet, replace cards or fold. At the same time, the ante rate is lost. Participants in the game reveal their cards. If the dealer has no Ace and the King or another poker hand, the player picks up the winnings in the ante regardless of the cards collected. If the dealer has a combination of Ace and King, the participants’ cards are compared. The winner is the owner of the senior combination.

The winner receives a win at the ante bet based on the ratio 1: 1. At bet, the payment is calculated in accordance with the table:

  • Royal Flush – 100: 1
  • Straight Flush – 50: 1
  • Four-of-a-kind – 20: 1
  • Full – 7: 1
  • Flash – 5: 1
  • Straight – 4: 1
  • Three of a kind – 3: 1
  • Two pairs – 2: 1
  • Pair – 1: 1
  • Ace-King – 1: 1

In case of equal results, the player and dealer have to pay attention to the cards that took part in the combinations to determine the winner. Different cards are important for different combinations:

  • Ace-King. In this case, the winner will be the one whose eldest is the third card. If it is identical, then players look at the fourth, and so on;
  • The pair is the same as the previous combination. The third card solves everything further;
  • Two pairs – players compare the older pair. If this did not help, the fifth card helps to understand the situation;
  • Straight Flush – the winner is revealed by the most senior card.

Boxes in Caribbean Poker

The poker table in Oasis poker consists of six boxes. Cards are distributed to the boxes five-up. The player chooses from one to three boxes out of six, placing the Ante and the main bet on the third. Bets on different boxes are made independently of each other.

In the process of playing each box, the player makes different decisions. Each box is also paid separately.

Player Tips

The process of evaluating the dealt cards is to analyze the strength of the poker hand. In Caribbean poker, there are ten significant hands and a situation where no hand has formed. The components and names of combinations are similar to the main types of poker. The only difference is that the suits in this game do not matter. Diamonds and clubs will have the same value.

Caribbean Poker is the most profitable game type for the player in terms of the size of the winnings. However, this is compensated by the maximum for all types of poker dealer’s superiority over the player – 5.2%. However, there is a number of recommendations that help increase the chances of success or at least accurately reduce the possibility of failure:

  1. You should only play if you have a pair or a better combination;
  2. You’d better fold if the cards are less than a king or an ace;
  3. If the cards are good, then the game should continue in the following circumstances:
  • the dealer has a card less than the king and the player has a similar one;
  • the dealer has opened a king or an ace, but the player has a jack or a queen in his hand;
  • if the player does not have a suitable card dealer, but there is a queen, and the fourth card is «older» than the open one.