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College Promise Campaign

College Promise Campaign

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Our Mission

We are the movement to make two years of community college free for hardworking students. We’re students, alumni, educators, and community leaders who believe that every student deserves a shot at a meaningful and rewarding career, without having to take on unmanageable debt. We know that “free” means it’s paid for. We’re encouraged we can do this because many communities and several states have already done it!

We stand on the shoulders of past movements, such as the push a century ago to make high school free and universal. That movement created the most educated workforce in the world, which helped build the middle class and America’s role as a global economic superpower. This is an update.

The College Promise Campaign is a national, non-partisan initiative that builds broad public support for College Promise programs, which guarantee tuition and fees for eligible, hardworking students to complete a college education, starting with America’s community colleges. The Campaign is designed to support access, affordability, quality, and completion to increase community college student success.

The College Promise Campaign is an initiative of Civic Nation, a charitable and educational 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 2015. Civic Nation promotes sensible solutions to challenges in the areas of federal, state, and local policy.