One Family’s Free Community College Story

By Arturo & Yuliana Aguirre The Ventura College Promise was the first Promise program in California! It is a commitment to recent high school graduates that they will attend their first year at Ventura College free of tuition and fees. The Ventura College Promise has made a huge impact in people’s lives, particularly the Aguirre family. […]

James Schuelke traveled to Racine, WI, in 2016 to help launch Gateway Promise, which delivers a free technical college education. Photo by Gateway Technical College

How Free Community College Transforms Rural America

By James Schuelke, Director of Engagement & Advocacy  This post was previously posted on Rural America is the nation’s backbone. In every state, small towns like the one I called home in Idaho are strengthening our nation’s civic and economic fabric. But like too many Americans, hardworking folks from these communities are hurting. Jobs are […]