6 Places That Already Have Free Community College

This article was previously posted on By Andra Armstrong The 2016 presidential election thrust college affordability into the national public agenda. Then candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders each proposed free college policies, drawing inspiration from President Barack Obama’s 2015 ‘free community college’ initiative and Congressman Scott (D-VA-3) and Senator Baldwin’s (D-WI) attempted federal legislation, […]


How Free Community College Became Real For Me

This article was previously posted on By Aaron Lacambra I didn’t think it would be me. When I first heard about Heads Up America’s #FreeCommunityCollegeStory Instagram video competition, I thought “there’s no way I can win.” The contest asked community college students to share their stories and discuss why community college should be free. […]


Breaking Up with Student Debt Instagram Video Competition

Heads Up America — the College Promise Campaign’s initiative to build public support for free community college — is launching an Instagram-based video competition for students and alumni. With student debt at an all-time high, the cost of community college has become prohibitive for many of the students best served by these campuses. That is […]