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May 4

Host a screening of No Greater Odds in your community.

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Five Minute Scholarship Could Earn You $2,000

Attention high school students! Listen, we get it. We understand you are busy with practice, homework, and having a life outside of school. But we also want you to start planning for your college education. College is expensive and, unless you recently hit the lottery, you might have to take out student loans to pay […]


College Promise Campaign Celebrates Second Anniversary

The College Promise Campaign celebrates its second anniversary this week by remarking on the rapidly growing national movement for free community college programs in communities and states across the nation. “Just two years ago we launched a bold initiative to make a community college education as universal and free as high school was in the […]

Eloy Oakley and community partners launch the Long Beach College Promise in 2008.

California Leading The Charge On Free Community College

By James Schuelke, Director of Engagement & Advocacy  This post was previously posted on Free community college may sound like a fantasy, but it’s happening right now in nearly 200 communities across the nation. Governors, mayors, and countless others are working across party lines to help residents advance their lives through free community college. This strengthens local […]


A Lifetime Long Beach Student Benefits From Free College

By Dominique Vera I’ve been a student in Long Beach, California from start to finish, all the way from pre-K to college. I’d like to think the City of Long Beach and the Long Beach College Promise have helped me complete my entire educational journey. As a student at Long Beach Polytechnic High School, I […]