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Heads up poker is a private face-to-face game. This stage starts when two players remain at the poker table. The ability to play heads up poker is the greatest professional qualities of the player because the ability “to read” the player at this stage is very significant. Here, every player needs to be able to correct your game in time, to adjust to the opponent. It is also very important to monitor your aggression and nervousness. Mathematics is the next important aspect of poker, but in principle, it is practically not important in heads up game.

Heads Up poker

Kind of Poker – Heads Up

This game is an individual kind of poker, there are only general heads up poker rules on which a huge number of variations are based. Heads up is primarily a fight of psychology and understanding of the opponent’s weaknesses. There is practically nothing to calculate from the mathematical point of view. The concept of luck is reduced to a minimum. Your opponent is in a similar situation, he has no idea what can be on your hands.

In this type of poker, there is no concept of style because it is foolish to constantly play the same. If you constantly bluff and rearrange the opponent – you will quickly be bitten, similarly, if you constantly respond to the opponent’s bets. In the full-length version of the game you take into account many factors – the position, the chances of the bank, the outs, and in heads up you adjust to your opponent, all the rest is not so important. Your goal is to understand the opponent and get benefit from this understanding. In heads up, there are only two positions – the blind and the button. That is, blind mise will be done every other time so the defense of your bet fits perfectly with the concept of the struggle. In heads up, you need to play all the aces, kings, ladies, all pairs, as well as almost all suited connectors.

Since heads-up play only in the final part of the tournament, many players have never played it. To test the capabilities, many poker rooms offer to play heads up tournaments. There are also poker heads up online. In such tournaments, 2 people play at the table, the winner goes further, where he will be expected by the same winner. There are also similar heads up games. In such a game, opponents sit down at a table with a certain amount of money and play as much as they want. That is, you can get up from the table at any time and take back all the money that you have won.